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Re: hackage coverage

Hi Joey,

Am Sonntag, den 27.02.2011, 15:28 -0400 schrieb Joey Hess:
> FWIW, I realized another one I could have used is the graphviz package.
> I wrote my own, crappy 60 line interface to dot, but it has a much nicer
> and presumably less buggy interface.

I have used http://hackage.haskell.org/package/language-dot before. And
this indicates another problem with packaging stuff from Hackage too
liberal: I expect from Debian to make some choices for me, e.g. if there
are n different Haskell bindings to some library, I’d be glad to be
offered only one by Debian, if there is one that can be considered the

Of course there are many possible reasons why Debian should package more
than one (different feature set, either one a dependency of something
packaged). In the absent of such reasons, having only one is desirable.

> To some extent, demand-based packaging works. But actually, it may work
> better for the perl team than the haskell team, since there are lots
> more existing perl programs using CPAN libraries. My concern with only
> packaging haskell libraries on demand is that it may create a
> bootstrapping problem.

I think it’s ok to expect people to use cabal-install if they are need
non-packaged libraries, making the bootstrapping easier (if you mean by
bootstrapping the problem of getting started with Haskell development on

Also, our approach just doesn’t scale as well yet as the DPG. For the
ghc7 transition, we’ll have to touch every source package. I’m happy to
have “only” 200, and not 1000, packages.

OTOH, as always in Debian’s do-ocracy, if any member of the DHG feels
like uploading lots of interesting Hackage package, that’s fine with me.


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