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ghc is NEW is just renamed

Dear ftp-masters,

while I usually try to be patient and know that eventually, things will
get done, maybe this piece of information is worth writing you about, as
usually package renames tend to pass through NEW more quickly:

The ghc package sitting in NEW is not actually a new package that needs
a thorough review, but is a rename and upload to experimental of what is
previously known as ghc6.

The Debian Haskell Team is eager to get started on the transition of
Haskell libraries to that version of the compiler, and we are currently
stalled by this package in NEW.

And a related heads up: Eventually, all ~200 Haskell libraries will go
through a similar renaming which removes the “6” from the package name.
These renamings only affect the binary package names, though. We’ll
stage this in experimental with a few packages, then upload ghc to
unstable and let all Haskell libraries follow.


Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
Debian Developer
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