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hackage coverage

Hi, I've been using Debian recently for Haskell development and have
been mostly happy with it. But sometimes I feel like I'm navigating
around holes in the packages available in Debian.

I've particularly missed having these packages available, as well as
others I've forgotten:

* uuid (used /usr/bin/uuid)
* SHA (used /usr/bin/sha1sum)
* strict (rolled my own hGetContentsStrict with seq..)
* test-framework (ended up using testpack instead but would have like
  the option to try both, as I have both quickcheck and hunit tests)
  (speaking of QuickCheck, I still don't understand why debian lacks
  a /usr/bin/quickcheck program that I see various documentation using)

I'm not the right person to package these -- I don't even understand
cabal yet. Are there any plans for a general push to get all the
general-purpose and good stuff in Hackage packaged? There is less of it
than CPAN after all, so it must be doable. :)

see shy jo

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