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Re: What is the process for creating/uploading new packages?

Eugene Kirpichov wrote:

> I myself would be OK with doing all the maintenance for these
> packages, if only I knew how it is done :)

Thats fine either way.

> (at the moment, I'm struggling to build a package and upload it to my
> first-ever PPA on launchpad)

The PPA is not something that is used in Debian. Here in the DHG
we can help you with Debian related issues :-).

> Do you mean and we must have all haskell dependencies of the packages
> also packaged?

Yes, if you have a package that generates a binary from haskell
code, all the libraries that the package depends on must also
be packaged.

> Is it because the package has to be buildable from
> source, or is that also necessary for binary builds?

Yes, everything in Debain main must be buildable from source.
Erik de Castro Lopo

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