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Re: Git? (Was: Team maint update)


Am Samstag, den 04.07.2009, 18:51 +1000 schrieb Erik de Castro Lopo:
> > I'd modify it though, in that I'd not use a
> > Makefile, but rather extend debcheckout (which is a pretty nice tool) to
> I'll have to check that out.
> However, Makefiles have one advantage, partial builds. For instance
> for a doing 'make debian'.  Will untar the sources and apply the
> debian directory. In this state its perfect for doing quilt patches.
> For a package that uses quilt, see Cabal/hoogle.

debcheckout is only for getting the sources, nothing more (not applying
patches, not building the package). For these tasks, currently existing
tools should and can be used (quilt and/or cdbs’ simple-patchsys;
dpkg-buildpackage) unmodified.


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