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Re: Terrible shape of our Haskell platform


Am Freitag, den 03.07.2009, 11:48 -0500 schrieb John Goerzen:
> Joachim Breitner wrote:
> > In theory, with the new haskell-devscripts features in place, we have
> > the ability for a quick rebuild with binNMUs as well. We still need to
> That's great, but does it work for all platforms?  Don't autobuilders
> only build source NMUs?  Also, which specific features does this rely on?

Do you mean architectures by platforms? It requires that the
build-dependencies only specify lower bounds (>=) and that the -doc
packges don’t have a versioned dependency on ghc6-doc.

The autobuilders can be told to do binNMUs via d-release, and this
happens sufficiently quick.

Kaol did it after the 6.10.3 release for a subset of haskell packages:
and I used it to make xmonad installable after an utf8-string upgrade,
without any other action to do but this mail:

Ideally, in a team, the uploader of the package (utf8-string in this
example) will check the reverse dependencies and scheduele binNMUs
directly, possibly with the help of a nice script.

If I unstand it correctly, this is pretty close to the Ocaml guy’s
approach, which supposedly works nicely.


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