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Terrible shape of our Haskell platform

Today, I am noticing:

* we have GHC 6.10.3, but not the version of time that most people use
  with GHC 6.10.3.  I maintain my Haskell packages on a Debian
  system.  I have to upload different code to Hackage because Debian
  is so out of date -- even in *SID*.

* we have no apparent effort to provide a haskell-platform metapackage
  at all.  This is a terrible thing that will bite us over and over
  again, I fear.

* Important bits of our Haskell infrastructure are unmaintained.
  Arjan, who doesn't have time to maintain Haskell packages anymore,
  is still the maintainer of record for haskell-devscripts, http,
  hsql, regex, haskelldb, haxml, helium.

We have made some progress on other things, such as standardized
debian/ directories, but we are moving at a glacial pace on a lot of
the rest of this.  Most of it is out of anyone's hands but Kari to
fix, since he's the maintainer of ghc and most of the core
infrastructure that Arjan isn't.

Do we have a plan to address it?  If so, is there something I can help
with?  If, let's make one, and quick.

-- John

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