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Re: Terrible shape of our Haskell platform

Don Stewart wrote:

> The Aussie's are making progress,
>     http://www.mega-nerd.com/erikd/Blog/CodeHacking/Debian/polyparse_dataenc_json.html

I'm just the one making the most noise :-).

> FWIW, on Arch Linux I had to take over maintainance of Haskell packages that had
> previously been maintained by non-Haskell devs. We did this via a joint
> account 'arch-haskell', which now maintains everything: ghc, core libs,
> platform, tools and extras.

Before picking up Haskell, I spent many years using Ocaml on Debian
and Ubuntu systems. The Debian Ocaml peopl group maintain the vast
majority of Ocaml libraries and programers. When a new compiler is
released, they have processes in place so thet can usually rebuild
everything with the new compiler within a couple of days.

Here in Debian Haskell land, we had ghc-6.10.3 hit unstable about 2
months ago and important stuff like haskell-network is still broken.

I am a strong advocate for group maintaining all the important
Haskell stuff like they do for Ocaml. Unfortunately, I am only
a Debian Maintainer, not a Debian Developer so there is only so
much  can do.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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