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Re: Team maint update

In terms of team maintenance of Debian Haskell packages, I (and
possibly one or two other people at Bluespec), would like to help out
where we can. We're primarily a Debian / Ubuntu shop, and the state of
Haskell in Debian has been a problem for us in the past (particularly
in terms of making it harder for us to migrate to newer versions of

We have other priorities, so we won't always be in a position to help
when people would like us to, but I'd like to avoid a repeat of what
has happened more than once in the past: ending up manually working on
getting a new GHC and libraries we care about Debianized (because we
couldn't wait any longer), but not having that work be useful to
anyone else because there was no structure that could absorb what we'd
done. At the current moment, the sad reality is that I (as the person
at Bluespec most interested in bleeding-edge Haskell software) have
chosen to keep one of my primary machines running Gentoo instead of
Debian primarily because the Gentoo Haskell overlay does a far, far
better job of supporting up-to-date Haskell packages than Debian does.

One other thing we'd be interested in collaborating on is making as
seamless as possible for people to get and use backported versions of
new Haskell packages. For a wide variety of reasons that aren't worth
getting into, we have environments we care about running everything
from Sarge to Sid. It would be a significant win for us if it became
easy to get an arbitrary version of a new Debian Haskell package to
work where we want it to when we discover we want it (rather than
having to manually figure out how to best rebuild it for our target
environment or, even worse, deciding to use a library in source rather
than packaged form because of the overhead of getting it to work
across all the environments we care about).

What would be the best way for us to start working together to reach
these sorts of goals?


 - Ravi Nanavati
   Bluespec, Inc.

On Thu, Jul 2, 2009 at 11:10 PM, John Goerzen<jgoerzen@complete.org> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Florian added me as an admin on the pkg-haskell project on Alioth.  I am
> in the process of setting it up for our use.  I will let everyone know
> when it's ready.  So far, I have:
> * Submitted a ticket to the Alioth admins to create our Git area
> * Created a pkg-haskell-maintainers mailing list
> * Created some stuff on using it in the Wiki
> Left for me to do:
> * Write a script to create the Git repos (after admin reply)
> * Configure pkg-haskell-maintainers appropriately
> * Finish wiki docs
> The timeframe depends heavily on how fast the Alioth admins move, but I
> hope to have it ready ASAP.
> I will be happy to start moving some of the packages I maintain into
> there quickly as well.  Even those that I'm upstream on.
> -- John
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