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Re: Terrible shape of our Haskell platform

John Goerzen wrote:

> Today, I am noticing:
> * we have GHC 6.10.3, but not the version of time that most people use
>   with GHC 6.10.3.  I maintain my Haskell packages on a Debian
>   system.  I have to upload different code to Hackage because Debian
>   is so out of date -- even in *SID*.


> * we have no apparent effort to provide a haskell-platform metapackage
>   at all.  This is a terrible thing that will bite us over and over
>   again, I fear.

Personally I think we need to fix a whole bunch of other stuff before
we can even think about haskell-platform.

> * Important bits of our Haskell infrastructure are unmaintained.
>   Arjan, who doesn't have time to maintain Haskell packages anymore,
>   is still the maintainer of record for haskell-devscripts, http,
>   hsql, regex, haskelldb, haxml, helium.

Two weeks ago I sent Arjan Oosting an email offering to help with
or take over HaXml. I not yet received a response. I will ping him

I actually have a package for haXMl 1.19.7 ready to roll, either for
Arjan to upload or for one one my existing sponsors to upload as soon
as Arjan releases maintainership. Obviously I can't move any faster
that the recommended process for adopting packages in the Debian
Reference manual:


If Arjan could simply spend the time to officilly orphan his packages,
we can get this fixed quickly.

For Arjan's other packages, I would be more than happy to adopt
regex and http. I believe other people are already hacking on
haskell-devscripts (Marco and Joachim?).

> We have made some progress on other things, such as standardized
> debian/ directories, but we are moving at a glacial pace on a lot of
> the rest of this.  Most of it is out of anyone's hands but Kari to
> fix, since he's the maintainer of ghc and most of the core
> infrastructure that Arjan isn't.

The main problem at the moment is haskell-parsec2 being stuck in
the Debian NEW queue which is holding up haskell-network and hence
a bunch of other stuff.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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