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Re: (partial) ghc6 6.10.3 library transition Fw: Accepted haskell-network (source all i386) Re: Any standards in packaging haskell libraries? Bug#531654: Depend on nonexistent package: libcurl. Bug#531658: Should Provides: libghc6-parsec-dev? Bug#532154: RFP: haskell-hashed-storage -- hashed file storage support code Bug#532166: RFP: haskell-bytestring-mmap -- mmap support for strict ByteStrings Bug#532266: RFP: haskell-mmap -- Memory mapped files for POSIX and Windows Bug#532381: -doc dependencies on haddock Bug#532760: dpkg-genchanges should warn about unused substvars Re: Bug#534429: ITP: haskell-utf8-string -- Haskell Library for operating on UTF8 strings Bug#534431: ITP: haskell-json -- Haskell library for serialising data to and from JSON Bug#534883: ITP: haskell-lazysmallcheck -- A library for demand-driven testing of Haskell programs cabal-debian ITP? darcs patch: Call dh_haskell_depends for -doc packages. darcs patch: Use --make instead of -package Cabal to build Setup.hs. haskell-haskeline ITP: haskell-unixutils -- An interface between Haskell and Unix-like operating systems Re: New version of * New version of haskell-devscripts New version of haskell-terminfo OCaml transition monitor Please fast-track haskell-parsec2 in NEW Proposed NMU of haskell-network RFC : Hoogle in Debian (long) RFS: agda Status of Haskell Platform on Debian? Tracking binNMU progress Using quilt with /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/ The last update was on 08:05 GMT Tue Apr 24. There are 98 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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