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Please fast-track haskell-parsec2 in NEW

[Second try, this time with correct CC address. Sorry for that.]

Hi ftp-master,

I hope it is ok to contact you about this. It is by all means just a
suggestion, no request.

There is a haskell-parsec2 package in NEW:
haskell-parsec is already in Debian (in version 3), but version 2 and 3
are incompatible, some packages need the one, some the other. Therefore
the new source package name. The packaging and license situation have
not changed.

A new upload of haskell-network is waiting for haskell-parsec2 to enter
Debian. This renders haskell-network uninstallable now, which in turn
renders over a dozend other haskell packages uninstallable. This causes
quite some annoyance.

I’d be grateful if you could fast-track haskell-parsec2 to get the
Debian haskell situation on track again. 


Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
Debian Developer
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