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Re: A smallish transition needed for haskell libraries

Kari Pahula wrote:
>> I'm willing to upload these quickly when needed.
> I suggest that you use t-p-u for the libraries that you have updated
> for unstable, like hslogger.  Hopefully the release team can simply do
> source-only NMUs that drop ghc6 (<< 6.8.2-999) from the build deps.
> But wait until ghc6 is built on all arches.

Are you saying wait on *all* uploads, or just those going to t-p-u?  In
any case, let me know when to proceed.

I'm a bit confused about the comment about the release team doing
source-only NMUs.  Wouldn't that imply that I don't need to upload any
of my packages?

> IMHO it's a bad practice to use ghc6 (<< $version) in build deps.  All
> it does is to overspecify and make your packages less binNMUable.

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