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A smallish transition needed for haskell libraries

I'm sure you'd all want to hear from 6.10.1 already.  I haven't met
any difficulties with packaging that yet.  Not done yet either.
Unfortunately, there's still one matter that needs to be fixed with
6.8.2 for Lenny.

Here's the deal: GHC includes a copy of GMP with it, which has GNU
documentation in it, which is under GFDL with invariant sections.
It's been there since forever but I really gave it a look only now
when preparing 6.10.1 and opened #511756 about it.  I couldn't just
pretend that I didn't see it either.

I need to repackage the upsteam GHC tarball, removing gmp-4.2.1.tar.gz
from it and name the new version as 6.8.2dfsg1.  Not the usual
"+dfsg1", since when it is like this, it compares below 6.8.2+ with
dpkg (thanks again, Eugene).  Most libraries use Depends: ghc6 (<<
6.8.2+) and this will work along with the new ghc6 version number.

haskell-devscripts needs to be updated, since it will still put in
"-999" instead of "+" in some cases.  See #511857.  After that, the
following will need to be binNMUd (did I miss any?):

haskell-hlist, haskell-binary, highlighting-kate, haskell-irc,
haskell-utf8-string, pandoc, haskell-pcre-light

I'm sorry to say that that's not quite all.  Some packages have also
this: Build-Depends: ghc6 (<< 6.8.2-999).  Those would need a
sourceful upload.  A quick grep-dctrl run reveals 15 of those:

ftphs, haskell-anydbm, haskell-configfile, haskell-hsh, hdbc,
hdbc-odbc, hdbc-postgresql, hdbc-sqlite3, hslogger, ldap-haskell,
listlike, magic-haskell, missingh, missingpy, washngo

After this all is done, I can upload ghc6-6.8.2dfsg1.

RMs don't offer using lenny-ignore as an option.  I asked, their call.

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