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Re: A smallish transition needed for haskell libraries

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 09:11:16AM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:
> Are you saying wait on *all* uploads, or just those going to t-p-u?  In
> any case, let me know when to proceed.

Before anything, just to be certain, I'd wait until ghc6 gets built on
arm and armel, too.  Should be done tomorrow.  Then, upload
ldap-haskell, listlike, magic-haskell and washngo as usual to
unstable.  Ask to have them unblocked on debian-release (on IRC if
you're in hurry), refer to #511756.

> I'm a bit confused about the comment about the release team doing
> source-only NMUs.  Wouldn't that imply that I don't need to upload any
> of my packages?

Sorry, I think that I misspoke.  It would be nice if RMs had magic RM
powers that took care of this without further effort, but I don't know
if they do.  Failing that, there's what section 5.13.3. in the
developer's reference says.  I think the RMs know about this already
and they don't need to be contacted before uploading to

I'm hoping that just making sure that the built packages wouldn't pull
in anything from unstable would be enough.  If you want to be proper
about it, set up a testing chroot.  I sure hope that "After uploading
and successful build on all platforms" implies that buildds work on

Not my idea of fun, these kinds of updates...  Ask if you want NMUs.

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