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Re: Tlf support for the ARRL Sweepstakes

* Rein <rein@couperus.com> [2002 Oct 28 05:15 -0600]:
> Tnx Nate and Bob for the test reports... Gives me something to chew at before
> the CW portion. Unfortunately I will have to use CT as an operator of CT9L 
> (Madeira), but I will take a copy of tlf with me to show it off....

Ahhh, I did work them on SSB last weekend.  I'll look for you.

> > > > Own country shows up in log as two points (should be zero).  Contacts
> > > > are sometimes still needed for multiplier(s).  I'll edit the log before
> > > > creating the Cabrillo file.
> This has been repaired in 0.8.5, to be released today.

Very good.

> > > digit zone.  At one point I typed "4" in the exchange and it showed it
> > > as a new zone even though I had already worked zone 04 on the same band.
> > > I also noticed the same problem with VO2WL which showed 2) for the
> > > exchange.
> In the source I found a remark "to be fixed" :-)

So noted.

> > > I found that NP2B was scored as KP4 even though NP2 is listed under U.S.
> > > Virgin Islands in ctydb.dat.  Hmmmm...
> 0.8.5 scores it as KP2.. with 3 points
> Probably because I added the new cty.dat to version 0.8.2

Okay, probably my fault for not using the latest ctydb.dat with 0.8.4

> > > Along the same lines there was a W???/TI8 that was interpreted as USA
> > > so I needed to reverse that.  Unfortunately, I didn't work him so I
> > > can't recall the actual call.
> >
> > I had to do that in another contest, but that is the only way any of
> > the programs can recognize the location, AFAIK.

I'll have to check CT.  Been so long I can't remember if it handles both
ways or not.

> > > Also, with regard to USA and Canada defaulting to one zone, there is
> > > probably some way that based on call area the zone could be assumed.
> > > Are there call areas that are in two zones?  I haven't invetigated this
> > > further.
> >
> > VE2 and some of the W4 states (I heard a lot of W7 stations giving zone
> > 4, so maybe one of those states also).  UA9 and 0 both span two zones.

Judging from a grainy map it looks like Wyoming and Montana are in Zone
4 as are Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama, as is a good portion of
central Canada.  West Virginia appears to be in Zone 5 while the rest of
the 8 call area is Zone 4.

A reasonable algorithm (at least at 5:30 AM after a time change) would
be for US 6, 7 and VE7 (as well as /6 and /7) default to zone 3.  The call
areas of 5, 8, 9, 0, VE3, VE4, VE5, and VE6 would default to zone 4.
Finally, VE1, VE2, VO1, VO2, and US 1, 2, 3, 4 would default to zone 5.
A code writer's nightmare, I know.

If nothing else, I would like to see TLF check the zone again when a new
number is typed in the exchange field.  This way if W4ABC is entered and
TLF displays zone 5, but he is giving 04, then once I type 04 TLF will
check its zone data for that band and will update if that zone has been
worked before.  As it was, zone 05 would pop up and then when I entered
zone 4 or 3 there was no indication of whether it was a new one until
the QSO was made and logged.  Since in-country QSOs count 0 pts, I don't
like wasting the other station's time.  This is really only a big issue
in North America, so put this on the "wish list".

> This is because of a request I got to make SSB work the same as CW...

Fair enough.  So long as I know it is a planned function.

Look out, Rein.  If I, a little pistol, come up with some many wish
items, what will the "serious contesters" request when they discover
Linux + TLF?  :-)

73, de Nate >>

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