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Re: Tlf support for the ARRL Sweepstakes

* Bob Nielsen <nielsen@oz.net> [2002 Oct 27 15:54 -0600]:
> On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 03:03:21PM +0200, Rein wrote:

> I haven't been checking the email much since the CQWW started, so am
> still using 0.8.2 (with the new ctydb.dat file Jaime mentioned).  

I used the 0.8.4 release for my short CQWW log (111 Qs--short operating
time) using the ctydb.dat released with 0.8.2 (I forgot about Jaime's

> It is working quite nicely in CQWW, but here are a few observations:
> Own country shows up in log as two points (should be zero).  Contacts
> are sometimes still needed for multiplier(s).  I'll edit the log before
> creating the Cabrillo file.

I also reported this in private email to Rein.  I also noticed a few
warts with some Canadian callsigns and the displayed zone.  For example,
CK6SV showed in the exchange field as 5).  I believe this is related to
the ctydb.dat format of:


I think this is related to another wart which is that TLF expects a two
digit zone.  At one point I typed "4" in the exchange and it showed it
as a new zone even though I had already worked zone 04 on the same band.
I also noticed the same problem with VO2WL which showed 2) for the

> A few countries require four characters to identify (VP2E, VP2M, PY0F,
> etc.) TLF doesn't recognize these.  I edited the log to add them (no
> space is left between prefix and zone columns in log file).
> I had a few problems with entries in ctydb.dat not being recognized by
> TLF (TO5A, for example).

I see ctydb.dat is using full calls there, TO4T, TO5G, and TO9T are
listed so TLF just displayed Not Found when presented TO5A.

I found that NP2B was scored as KP4 even though NP2 is listed under U.S.
Virgin Islands in ctydb.dat.  Hmmmm...

Along the same lines there was a W???/TI8 that was interpreted as USA
so I needed to reverse that.  Unfortunately, I didn't work him so I
can't recall the actual call.

Also, with regard to USA and Canada defaulting to one zone, there is
probably some way that based on call area the zone could be assumed.
Are there call areas that are in two zones?  I haven't invetigated this

> To change zone entry required (after tab to the field): backspace,
> insert information, enter, backspace, insert information, enter.

Hmmm, I didn't notice this although I did notice that after using the
space bar to jump from the call to the exchange field I had to hit
<Enter> twice to log the QSO.

> After editing an entry with ":edit", the old information still shows
> up in the display (not a big deal).

I believe the manual also states that the score isn't recalculated upon
return from :edit.  I'm sure this will be added in the future.

> All in all, I am quite satisfied.  Thanks.

Same here.  I am very satisfied with the work Rein has done.  SS was
added at my request and I've worked over TLF a bit testing this contest.
I need to go through the sections file and check over the section list
as I did find an IK that was a new one!

Being able to use my Linux box for logging and duping is something I've
waited a long time for.  Rein is definitely on the right track.

73, de Nate >>

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