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Re: Tlf support for the ARRL Sweepstakes

On Sun, Oct 27, 2002 at 06:56:05PM -0600, Nate Bargmann wrote:
> * Bob Nielsen <nielsen@oz.net> [2002 Oct 27 15:54 -0600]:
> > On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 03:03:21PM +0200, Rein wrote:
> > I haven't been checking the email much since the CQWW started, so am
> > still using 0.8.2 (with the new ctydb.dat file Jaime mentioned).  
> I used the 0.8.4 release for my short CQWW log (111 Qs--short operating
> time) using the ctydb.dat released with 0.8.2 (I forgot about Jaime's
> update).
> > It is working quite nicely in CQWW, but here are a few observations:
> > 
> > Own country shows up in log as two points (should be zero).  Contacts
> > are sometimes still needed for multiplier(s).  I'll edit the log before
> > creating the Cabrillo file.
> I also reported this in private email to Rein.  I also noticed a few
> warts with some Canadian callsigns and the displayed zone.  For example,
> CK6SV showed in the exchange field as 5).  I believe this is related to
> the ctydb.dat format of:
> CK6(5)[9]

I noticed this also.

> I think this is related to another wart which is that TLF expects a two
> digit zone.  At one point I typed "4" in the exchange and it showed it
> as a new zone even though I had already worked zone 04 on the same band.
> I also noticed the same problem with VO2WL which showed 2) for the
> exchange.
> > A few countries require four characters to identify (VP2E, VP2M, PY0F,
> > etc.) TLF doesn't recognize these.  I edited the log to add them (no
> > space is left between prefix and zone columns in log file).
> > 
> > I had a few problems with entries in ctydb.dat not being recognized by
> > TLF (TO5A, for example).
> I see ctydb.dat is using full calls there, TO4T, TO5G, and TO9T are
> listed so TLF just displayed Not Found when presented TO5A.

The later ctydb.dat has TO5A.

> I found that NP2B was scored as KP4 even though NP2 is listed under U.S.
> Virgin Islands in ctydb.dat.  Hmmmm...
> Along the same lines there was a W???/TI8 that was interpreted as USA
> so I needed to reverse that.  Unfortunately, I didn't work him so I
> can't recall the actual call.

I had to do that in another contest, but that is the only way any of
the programs can recognize the location, AFAIK.

> Also, with regard to USA and Canada defaulting to one zone, there is
> probably some way that based on call area the zone could be assumed.
> Are there call areas that are in two zones?  I haven't invetigated this
> further.

VE2 and some of the W4 states (I heard a lot of W7 stations giving zone
4, so maybe one of those states also).  UA9 and 0 both span two zones.
> > To change zone entry required (after tab to the field): backspace,
> > insert information, enter, backspace, insert information, enter.
> Hmmm, I didn't notice this although I did notice that after using the
> space bar to jump from the call to the exchange field I had to hit
> <Enter> twice to log the QSO.

Yes.   I didn't try the space bar, but used the tab key to switch
between fields.

> > After editing an entry with ":edit", the old information still shows
> > up in the display (not a big deal).
> I believe the manual also states that the score isn't recalculated upon
> return from :edit.  I'm sure this will be added in the future.
> > All in all, I am quite satisfied.  Thanks.
> Same here.  I am very satisfied with the work Rein has done.  SS was
> added at my request and I've worked over TLF a bit testing this contest.
> I need to go through the sections file and check over the section list
> as I did find an IK that was a new one!
> Being able to use my Linux box for logging and duping is something I've
> waited a long time for.  Rein is definitely on the right track.

I definitely agree.  I hope to get cw keying set up in time to get used
to it before the CW CQWW.

I had problems getting the DX cluster stuff to work (I run DXSpider on
the same computer as TLF).  I didn't spend much time on it, but
couldn't get it to work with either the tee method or using TLF's
telnet ability.  I had it working with an earlier version, so I
probably did something wrong this time.  That serves me right for not
really checking everything out before the contest.

The only other contest program I have used is QRPDUPE, and I like TLF
much better.

73, Bob

Bob Nielsen, N7XY                          n7xy@n7xy.net
Bainbridge Island, WA  
IOTA NA-065, USI WA-028S 

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