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Re: Etch -> lenny upgrade glitches: small fonts, dummy panel icons, screen blank to white

On Feb 11, 2008 11:04 PM, Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@debian.org> wrote:


> Oh, I'm sure I can fix it myself, either by adjusting the font size or
> using gconf as described in the followups to Amir's post last September.
> But the point is: for myself and Amir and many others, X will get the
> DPI setting wrong.  Is there a way we can recognize that it's happening,
> and work around it -- say by using the old defaults -- so it's more
> likely right the first time?

Don't know the details of the version currently in testing, with the
version in Sid i don't need to specify the screen size anymore.
According to the Xorg Debian changelog, it's now using 96 DPI instead
of 75 DPI as default value (the old one if i'm not wrong)...


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