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Re: RFC: which default theme?

Am Donnerstag, den 27.09.2007, 00:54 +0200 schrieb Josselin Mouette:
> Hi,
> after the 2.20 upgrade of gnome-themes, which brought a new version of
> Clearlooks which was widely criticized, I'm wondering whether we should
> keep it the default.
> The first possibility is simply to revert to the previous version, which
> is still shipped as Clearlooks-classic anyway.
> Another one is Nuvola, which is also a very consensual theme. I could
> add GConf defaults in gnome-themes-extras that set the default theme to
> Nuvola if it is installed. (Note that gnome-themes-extras is not a
> dependency of gnome-desktop-environment, only of gnome.)
> What do you people think about it? Are there also some who think the new
> Clearlooks is better?

I actually don't like Nuvola at all, it's too blue for my taste :)

IMHO Clearlooks-Classic would be a better default if nobody wants the
new Clearlooks theme. I'd prefer the new Clearlooks though.

PS: Where was it critized? And why? The blue scrollbars? The gradients

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