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Re: RFC: which default theme?

Le jeudi 27 septembre 2007 à 00:54 +0200, Josselin Mouette a écrit :
> Hi,
> after the 2.20 upgrade of gnome-themes, which brought a new version of
> Clearlooks which was widely criticized, I'm wondering whether we should
> keep it the default.
> The first possibility is simply to revert to the previous version, which
> is still shipped as Clearlooks-classic anyway.

Well, new Clearlooks is not far from the old one. I'm not sure I prefer
the new one (I need some times to adapt to a new theme). But I'm sure I
really like old-Clealooks like theme.

> Another one is Nuvola, which is also a very consensual theme. I could
> add GConf defaults in gnome-themes-extras that set the default theme to
> Nuvola if it is installed. (Note that gnome-themes-extras is not a
> dependency of gnome-desktop-environment, only of gnome.)

Well, I've just tried this theme. Ok it's probably a matter of
preferences, but I really don't like this one. I'm not sure this one
should be default, it's a little bit too <troll>kde-ish</troll>.

Finally, I would say that I like my personnal theme that is clearlook +
tango icons or clearlooks widgets + Glossy window border + tango icons

PS.: if someone knows well gnome-mount, it would be great to tell me how
I can add a flush option to my vfat usbdisk. When I do a gnome-mount
--extra-mount-options flush, It overwrite default vfat mount option (uid
and shortname). It's a little bite confusing :-/
So I had to add by hand --extra-mount-options
uid=myuid,shortname=lower,flush and to write it in gconf using
gnome-mount (I don't know why, extra-mount-options can't be in gconf
directly), I used -o

Martin Braure de Calignon
(error3 on irc)

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