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Re: Elusive problem related to %gconf-tree.xml after testing upgrade

Am Mittwoch, den 18.01.2006, 18:37 -0800 schrieb Elaine Tsiang YueLien:
> It may be related to a previous post about gconf not working.
> I answered yes to migration during upgrade. All seemed to work fine.
> Except windows would hang at various random points, sometimes crashing
> the system to the point of not being able to switch to a tty.
> I tried cleaning out .gconf, .gconfd, .gnome, .gnome2 in various
> combinations. They all led to hangs with no consistent pattern, or
> meaningful .xsession-errors. While I was thrashing around, I did another
> upgrade which included certain gnome components. This did not help.
> I also removed %gconf-tree.xml once, and answered yes to migration
> again. It did not solve the hanging problem.
> In addition, the following may offer a hint. While all audio was
> working, including gnome-volume-control before upgrade and gconf
> migration, the gnome-volume-control would not work with gconf migration,
> even though all other audio/video worked.
> Finally, I removed %gconf-tree.xml and rejected migration. I have not
> had any hangs for a period of time longer than with migration. And
> gnome-volume-control is working again.
> The migration question did say that "certain scripts may break" when all
> gconf data are combined into %gconf-tree.xml.
> Even though not migrating seems to solve the hang problem for now, it is
> still disturbing that I was not able to start afresh by removing .gconf*
> and .gnome*.
> I would be happy to do some more experiments if it would help find the
> problem.
> E
> -- 


I'm sure this problem is simlar to mine

To solve this problem, I purged all my gnome packages and created a new
user. After reconfiguring gnome and its programs, I did a reboot. All of
the configuration was lost again. Firstly I thougt $HOME/.gconf/%
gconf-tree.xml was readonly, but it wasn't.

The errors didn't show up since yesterday, so I think my problem is
fixed. But in your case, killall -USR1 gconfd-2 could be useful. Now,
gconfd will log more verbose to /var/log/user.log and you hopefully can
solve your problem.

best regards,


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