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Re: Settings Daemon error



> Hm, strange - GNOME 2.6 just arrived in unstable, so I upgraded my
> system (uninstalling acme, gnome, gnome-desktop-environment and
> gnome-vfs-sftp along the way) and got gnome-terminal 2.6.1-1. What's
> nice is that the fonts are *not* antialiased, i.e. gnome-terminal
> works ok again, but it works much in the same way GNOME itself
> doesn't, giving me the [Settings Daemon] error.

Sebastian's xlibs revertion suggestion worked to a point, that is GNOME
lets me change the themes again and I don't see the Settings Daemon
error any longer, but (guess what) gnome-terminal 2.6.1-1 reverted to
displaying antialiased font no matter what.

> Random GNOME apps close upon start - gcalctool runs ok, but gedit just
> flick its window for a split second and disappears, leaving "gedit:
> relocation error: gedit: undefined symbol: teel_input_event_box_new"
> on the console.

Unfortunately, the above is still valid. :o|

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