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Re: antialiased Andale Mono 8 in gnome-terminal


Matt Brubeck:

> Shot wrote:
> > D'oh. Now it works - in gedit and other apps, that is; gnome-terminal
> > still displays Andale Mono antialiased (and all other fonts, in fact).
> Is it possible that gnome-terminal is still running somehow,
> and has not loaded the new fonts.conf settings?  Try closing all
> gnome-terminal windows.  If that doesn't work, try logging out and
> logging back in, or maybe kill gnome-settings-daemon and other Gnome
> processes.

I've even rebooted the machine.

As I was saying, it shouldn't be a fontconfig issue (I haven't changed
my settings for months, and all other fontconfig apps honor them
and display 6-12 size fonts non-antialiased), and it shouldn't be
a gnome-terminal issue (it's still the same 2.4.2-7 I've been using
for months as well).

All I can guess is that's somehow related to the GTK and/or libpango
upgrades of about two days ago, though it doesn't make much sense
(unless gnome-terminal silently uses some deprecated feature dropped
in GTK 2.4). I guess I'll wait for the gnome-terminal 2.6.1-1 I can see
waiting in experimental (I don't want to switch to GNOME 2.6 just yet,
I have a lot of work these days and can't really risk any additional
GNOME-related fun).

Thanks for your help,
-- Shot
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