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antialiased Andale Mono 8 in gnome-terminal


I'm fairly new to the whole "fonts under Debian" issue, but up until
yesterday I somehow managed to have antialiased text the way I wanted
to, that is to keep it not antialiased in a given range of sizes. IIRC,
the way I set it was via kcontrol (the KDE Control Center), which was
later uninstalled when I migrated to GNOME (although the setting somehow
still worked).

The problem: for most of my work I use gnome-terminal running Andale
Mono 8, and I'd really like it to be not-antialiased. Yesterday, after
(I think) the GTK and/or Pango upgrade, everything else remained fine,
except Andale Mono switching to antialiased in gnome-terminal (other
fonts, e.g. in Galeon, seem to work the old way, that is to be
not-antialiased in the 6-12 range; gedit runs non-antialiased Andale
Mono 8 just fine).

Hm, now that I check it, I do have, in my ~/.fonts.conf, the lines

<match target="font" >
 <test compare="more" name="size" qual="any" >
 <test compare="less" name="size" qual="any" >
 <edit mode="assign" name="antialias" >

Now I'd like to have my Andale Mono 8 in gnome-terminal not antialiased
as well (although the above should work, especially that it worked
before). I tried the brute-force approach of adding the following to
my /etc/fonts/local.conf, but it doesn't seem to do anything:

<match target="font">
   <test name="family">
      <string>Andale Mono</string>
   <edit name="antialias" mode="assign"><const>false</const></edit>

OTOH, when I turn the antialiasing off in the GNOME fonts properties,
it goes away (for all fonts) with no problem in all applications.
Is this in some way (and for gnome-terminal only) overriding my
/etc/fonts/local.conf and ~/fonts.conf? Can anybody point me in the
right direction for not-antialiased Andale Mono 8 under gnome-terminal?

I'm using the same gnome-terminal 2.4.2-7 since late February...

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