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Re: 'Applications -> Preferences -> Font' not working.

Adam Bogacki wrote:

> I installed 'metacity' to see if it would change anything, but no.
> I still can't access
> Application -> Preferences -> [Fonts or Themes]

Oops, sorry if my previous reply wasn't clear.  The relevant package is
"libmetacity0", not metacity.

Is libmetacity0 installed on your system?  Is it listed as 'broken'
(non-configured)?  What version of the package is installed?

Are the following files present on your system?

> > $ dpkg -S libmetacity-private
> > libmetacity0: /usr/lib/libmetacity-private.so.0
> > libmetacity0: /usr/lib/libmetacity-private.so.0.0.0

You can try configuring or re-installing libmetacity0, or (if those
files are present but still not working) try running "ldconfig" as root.

All necessary packages *should* be installed automatically by the
dependency system.  However, if an error during a "dist-upgrade" went
unnoticed, it could prevent some necessary packages from being fully
installed or configured.

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