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Re: Keep non-gnome2.6 package out of the discussion please [was: GNOME 2.6 definitely not ready for unstable]

Throughout all of this i've had one question in my mind. Why is
gstreamer-properties not part of GStreamer?

On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 21:00, Colin Walters wrote:
> On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 05:57, Martin-Éric Racine wrote:
> > In practice, even once I manually fixed things following Sebastian's e-mail
> > (something which an end-user should NEVER be expect to do - it either works
> > right out of the box, or it doesn't), it turned out that the newer Rhythmbox has
> > lost the ability to play several types of mp3 files and streams. 
> Regarding playback - that's just a bug.  Software has bugs :)  Please
> report them.  I've been squashing a number of them in Rhythmbox and a
> few in GStreamer recently myself, and GStreamer's Benjamin Otte in
> particular has fixed a lot of mp3 metadata loading and playback problems
> that arise with weirder mp3s.  Those fixes should all be in the upcoming
> gstreamer-plugins 0.8.2 release.
> > Again, I'm quite confident that every bug will eventualy be nailed down, but
> > this butched Rhythmbox release makes me really nervous about seeing GNOME 2.6
> > enter unstable at _this_ stage.  It just feels like it needs more testing.
> Dude, you're running Debian unstable :)
> > 1) configuration keys whose values are the same (esdsink is still called esdsink
> > in gstreamer 0.8, it just resides in a different subfolder in gconf-editor), but
> > who belong to different releases of gstreamer, need to be manually upgraded by
> > the user, using arcane tools.  This should have been automatically copied from
> > the 0.6 keys, the first time a 0.8.x Rhythmbox version is run.
> It's not that easy.  Rhythmbox is just a user of GStreamer library
> (where the GConf keys actually are), and more importantly, isn't the
> only user.  If several applications blindly copied the 0.6 keys over to
> 0.8 on upgrading (violating GStreamer's abstraction layer over this),
> then you could pretty easily lose your 0.8 configuration.
> That said, this definitely is a bug.  It's just not easy to fix.  One
> fix would be to have every application/library that changes its GConf
> keys in this way set a particular flag for whether the keys have been
> migrated or not.  On every startup, check whether the flag is set and if
> the old keys exist, migrate them over, then set the flag.
> Unfortunately we can't do this now in GStreamer, because then we could
> be overwriting keys that you've already changed :/
> > 2) Gstreamer itself clearly has lost the ability to playback certain types of
> > mp3 files and streams. This cripples Rhythmbox and, if the Gstreamer backend was
> > selected, also affects Totem and possibly other applications that are quite
> > likely being recompiled to use release 0.8.  This is somewhat more serious,
> > because it affects the quality of several end-user applications.
> Are you reporting these as bugs upstream?

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