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Re: Bad Icons in nautilus 2.6.0-1

On Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 12:04:52AM +0200, Fanf wrote:
> > > I've just installed experimental Gnome.
> > >
> > > One problem, though: Nautilus shows wrong (generic
> > > document) icons for almost everything.
> >
> > I'm guessing you're using themes that use SVG icons. If that's the case,
> > you probably missed the librsvg upgrade. (I did the same thing about 40
> > minutes ago. :) Update librsvg2-common with the version in experimental,
> > restart Gnome, and everything should be fine.
> I've the same problem with Nautilus : almost all icons look like a 
> default document. But some icons display right, for example :
> on the desktop, "start here" is good and all other (shortcut to mounted 
> disk, trash, computer...) are simple generic doc.
> I've upgraded sgv libs, and nothing happened.
> > Log out, kill lingering processes
> > (e.g. bonobo-activation), and log back in
> I try it, and nothing happened.
> Someone has an idea ?

I saw this on one system where nautilus was spewing gdkpixbuf messages to the
terminal it was started in. Something about the error messages made me think
they were related to the appearance of the generic icons. I ran 'apt-get
--purge remove libgtk2.0-0', let it remove all GTK2 packages, then reinstalled
the GNOME 2.6 packages from experimental. The nautilus icons then showed up
normally. If you still have the packages in your apt cache, this process
shouldn't take too long, though it is a bit drastic.


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