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Re: Bad Icons in nautilus 2.6.0-1

> > I've just installed experimental Gnome.
> >
> > One problem, though: Nautilus shows wrong (generic
> > document) icons for almost everything.
> >
> > Any hints what I could have forgotten?
> I'm guessing you're using themes that use SVG icons. If that's the
> case,
> you probably missed the librsvg upgrade. (I did the same thing about
> 40
> minutes ago. :) Update librsvg2-common with the version in
> experimental,
> restart Gnome, and everything should be fine.


I've the same problem with Nautilus : almost all icons look like a default document. But some icons display right, for example : on the desktop, "start here" is good and all other (shortcut to mounted disk, trash, computer...) are simple generic doc.

I've upgraded sgv libs, and nothing happened.

> Log out, kill lingering processes
> (e.g. bonobo-activation), and log back in

I try it, and nothing happened.

Someone has an idea ?

Ps : excuse me for my ugly english

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