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Re: Please try to freeze uploads of meta-gnome related packages

On Fri, Jan 16, 2004 at 08:51:06PM +0100, Björn Stenberg wrote:
> Either you are wrong, the debian testing scripts are buggy or my script is, because it lists several other reasons why meta-gnome2 can't go into testing yet:

Yeah. It's not too clear for me why galeon or epiphany-browser is needed
in arm still, but that's what aj says needs to happen:

[14:46] <aj> Kamion: ain't no epiphany-browser on arm

> - meta-gnome2 has unsatisfiable dependencies: 
>   - gnome needs rhythmbox compiled for mips 
>   - gnome-desktop-environment needs epiphany-browser compiled for mips 
>   - gnome-office needs planner compiled for m68k, mips, sparc 

These are ignored by testing, AFAIK (arch:all packages don't wait to be
installable on all arches)

>   - galeon is out of date on arm: vs 1.3.11a-2 (probably build problems) 

My only guess is that as epiphany-browser is also missing in arm, it's
either this or e-b that needs to exist. mozilla's postinst segfaults on
arm, so it's going to be quite difficult.

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