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Please try to freeze uploads of meta-gnome related packages


We have been trying to get the meta-gnome2 deps in testing for a long
while, but for different reasons (libtool, python and gcc breakages, new
deps being added...) it hasn't happened yet.

Right now, we need the following to happen:
- libbonoboui: missing arm, mips, s390 (python breakage)
- libgnomeprint: too young
- libgnomeprintui: missing arm, s390 (python)
- libxslt: missing arm, s390 (python), #224647 marked pending.
- rhythmbox: missing arm (not tried) and s390 (buildd deps problems)
- gnome-applets: arm, mips, ppc (not tried) and s390 (python breakage)
- epiphany: missing m68k and sparc (see
- galeon: missing arm, s390, sparc (not tried)
- gnome-system-tools: missing arm, m68k, sparc (not tried), mips, mipsel (gcc
  already fixed, should retry), s390 (python)
- sound-juicer: has just been uploaded, oh well :/
- abiword: missing arm (python), mips and s390 (not tried). The rc bug has been
- planner: #225705.
- gnome-media, nautilus-media: waiting on j-a-c-k

The arm problems can be ignored for now. python2.3 has been compiled on
all arches except m68k, so most of the pythn related problems should be
fine by now, and would just need rebuilds. gcc -pre1 isn't available on
s390 yet, I don't know if that's a problem, or if it just affected mips
and mipsel.

Please, try to freeze these packages, except to fix rc bugs. And if
you're a porter and want to help us, please, schedule the needed builds
if you think the problems are fixed now. Thanks :)

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