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Re: Please try to freeze uploads of meta-gnome related packages

Jordi Mallach wrote:
> [0] today's update excuses claim that meta-gnome2 needs galeon to go in,
> while it really doesn't, as it's just an alternative to
> epiphany-browser. We'll see if this blocks meta-gnome2 tonight, and if
> it does, I'll tell aj to apply some voodoo magic.

Either you are wrong, the debian testing scripts are buggy or my script is, because it lists several other reasons why meta-gnome2 can't go into testing yet:

Why is package X not in testing yet?

Checking meta-gnome2

- meta-gnome2 has no old version in testing (trying to add, not update) 
- meta-gnome2 is only 1 days old. It must be 2 days to go in. 
- meta-gnome2 has unsatisfiable dependencies: 
  - gnome needs rhythmbox compiled for mips 
  - gnome-desktop-environment needs epiphany-browser compiled for mips 
  - gnome-office needs planner compiled for m68k, mips, sparc 
- meta-gnome2 is waiting for abiword, galeon, planner 
  - abiword is going in today 
  - galeon is out of date on arm: vs 1.3.11a-2 (probably build problems) 
  - galeon is out of date on sparc: 1.3.10-3 vs 1.3.11a-2 (probably build problems) 
  - planner is going in today



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