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Re: shutdown from gnome logout dialog

Sebastian Kapfer wrote:
I'm not saying that this feature is unusefull. It's just amazing how
much of a difference such a small feature makes to the users :-)

Indeed. I think it's the fact that I got (slightly) annoyed by it /every single day/ which magnifies its importance.

Good to hear that RH has already done it. Maybe somebody should apply
their changes to GNOME CVS.

AFAIK, they don't have any sophisticated IPC going on, they just call a shutdown command at logout using the existing code in gnome-session. They use a system (don't know what it's called exactly) which grants certain privileges (including the ability to shut down) to users who are logged in at the local console. I think that the appropriate way of doing this in Debian is to use a group, the members of which are allowed to shut down. I gave a couple of ideas here:



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