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Re: shutdown from gnome logout dialog

On Mon, 15 Sep 2003 21:10:13 +0200, Thomas Morin wrote:

> PS: I'm not the first to propose such a setup, after setting it up, I
> saw a report in the BTS proposing more or less the same thing; I don't
> know for which package it was submitted, and I can't manage to find
> it...

Looks like an obvious feature request; I had pretty much the same idea.
That makes me 100% certain that this feature will never appear in the
GNOME2 branch ;-)

It saves just a few clicks or keystrokes though. After logging out, the
Shutdown and Reboot features are available from gdm's System menu when
activated. Why is this request so popular when it saves so little time?
(Ancient Windows rites?)

BTW: How does KDE handle shutdown?

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