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gnome-applets (battstat-applet?) support for ACPI?


I'm currently playing with Sid on a laptop; it's an el'cheapo Powernote, but
seems to run gnome 2.2 quite nicely.  It doesn't support APM, but it supports
ACPI fine under 2.6.0-test5 (loading the correct modules, I can see battery
status under both /proc and with ACPI battery tools, like wmacpi).

The battstat-applet in the gnome-applets page doesn't seem to support ACPI; at
least, not on this - I'm getting 0% shown at all times.  Googling around shows
me that I should be able to right click on the applet, properties, and tell it
to use battery 0 instead of 1, which I'm guessing could also be the issue, but
I don't see anything there (or a relevant key in gconf-editor).

Any ideas?


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