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Re: shutdown from gnome logout dialog

Le mar 16/09/2003 à 09:43, Sven Luther a écrit :
> > What would you think about those improvements ?
> > Do they solve the problems for you ?
> I still think using a magic number in the file would be helpfull to
> avoid any chance of accidental shutdown, especially as /tmp is mostly
> world writeable. I think the magic number scheme is used in other cases
> too (well at least it is in my graphic card) altough maybe they would
> need modification to gdm that are also too heavy (how do you manage both
> gdm and gnome-session to have the same magic number).

This requires a communication channel between gdm and gnome-session
anyway. As Joachim said, please Thomas don't do an alf-assed hack (no
offense intended) which anyway is a new feature and shouldn't go in 2.4,
but go for the real thing and use real IPC - apparently you already know
how to architect the process.

	Xav - not an expert in the field

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