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About XD2, OO.O and that stuff...

Let me explain and the judge me:

	I'm preparing a port of XD2 packages because a lot of projects:

	- Metadistros: http://metadistros.hispalinux.es  It's a project, based
in debian, that intend to create a base to make all kind of live-cd. WE
are preparing now all kind of scripts about auto hardware detention,
autoinstalation. Apart of this, one of the main goals now, its during
the celebration of the most important linux spanish event (This year are
coming, marcelo tosatti, miguel de icaza, Ian Murdock...,
http://congreso.hispalinux.es) we are going to give every assistant a
LiveCD bases in Woody+XD2
	Audiende of this project: All kind of people, but most of then people
that know some about Linux.

	- Linex, (www.linex.org) GuadaLinex (www.guadalinex.org) and other
regional spanish distros. For those of you than doesn't know, Spain is
having a very important movement pro free software. We are having to
many regional goverments that are creating their own distros and
distribuiting them between all the people. Their distros are all based
in Debian and are using gnome2.2 like the desktop, but they wanted XD2.
Ximian promise to have packages availables for then, but at this moment.
i'm the only one providing such thing to this people, but joining my
efforts with Ximian.
		Audience: People from one region of Spain that not some time ago was
one of the poorest all along Europe. Most of the people are not so young
and think that Windows can be use to throw stones.

	But... why they want to use XD2? Why Debian? The last question, we all
know why. It's simply the best... but i'm sorry to say that cause i love
it, but DEBIAN WOODY DESKTOPS SUCKS! Not for me, always I can i use
fvwm2, but not everybody it's like me. You can believe that is really
exciting when you see a grandmother scanning her photos and publising
then in the web... and all this with Linux! This projects needs the best
efforts to make all this possible. Gnome2.2 Woody effort is really
incredible, and i must congratule all the people that have made this
possible, but I must say and a lot of people agree with me that XD2 it's
a really good desktop, incredibly usable and perfect for this projects. 
	My effort hasn't been so great cause i have only applied and tested
patched from Ximian into the Woody Gnome2,2 port. I would love to
integrate this patches into Debian Gnome ones, and i have ask some times
if the people were interested in that but nobody answer me. I'm not
debian developer, i dont know nothing about NMU, except what its mean,
so please, don't kill me. 

	Any opinion is welcomed.

	Ghe Rivero

PD.- About OO.O. As i have said, i'm not a developer, this is going to
be installed in a LiveCD, it's only one package, but it works, and it's
all we need at this moment. The other reason was that we don't have
enough time.

PD.- http://www.linex.org/linex2/linextl5.avi
	Linex was in the TV news in Spain. Here you can see grandmothers using
Linux. Ah! Like they say: "Be legal, copy Linex"

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