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Re: Linux Browsers


> That said, they ain't gonna change for one user 
> that does not like that buggy operating system 
> written by that funny little man. Everyone else 
> involved does use it.
> Maybe I'll write menus that do it right and see 
> if the webmeister there will use them.....

in my company i have a similar problem....
all the intranet stuff, especially the menus are in 
proprietary DHTML.....
we are about 1000 employees here and only 20-30 linux users, 
so the PR dept. which drops the pages together in frontpage 
is not willing to change this (uuuh learning to handle code) ....

i took one afternoon, picked all the links out of the source 
and put them into my epiphany bookmarks to work around this....

its not elegant, but i'm able to read the internal solicitations now ;-)
(and i'm able to apply for the floorwalker job in PR to change it


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