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Linux Browsers

Two things:

An organization that I volunteer for (AYSO Youth Soccer) recently added a browser based administration system. Unfortunately, they built it following the Microsoft standards, and the menus do not work with any browser I've tried in Linux. I've tried Mozilla, Opera, and Galeon. Obviously, the .ASP code they use is proprietary, but it does work in both IE (duh) and Opera in Windows.

Is there a browser in Linux that works better with (I assume the issue is) .ASP?

Also, I installed galeon using stormpkg. stormpkg insists that you run as root. When I run galeon as a user, it cannot find the schemas. I ran through the FAQ regarding gconf, but that looks ok. Please point me in the right direction. I don't mind RTFM, but would like to to which FM to R.

I am running debian (woody) with gnome2 backport.



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