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Re: Linux Browsers

tom said:
> An organization that I volunteer for (AYSO Youth 
> Soccer) recently added a browser based 
> administration system. Unfortunately, they built 
> it following the Microsoft standards, and the 
> menus do not work with any browser I've tried in 
> Linux. I've tried Mozilla, Opera, and Galeon. 
> Obviously, the .ASP code they use is proprietary, 
> but it does work in both IE (duh) and Opera in 
> Windows.

.ASP is a server side technology and has nothing to do
with anything on the client.

That said, the idiots (which is what they are for not following W3C
standards) either wrote it to MS's proprietary DOM crap, or are using
some Active-X / VB script crap which will only work on Windows.

The only way to tell what is REALLY going on is to look at the raw HTML
and decipher it.

Once you find out what the code is doing, you can show the developer
what is wrong, and strongly suggest that the code be fixed. If they
BOUGHT the tool set from some third party company, then your
organization needs to get the vendor to fix it. In either case, it IS
broken and your only remedy is for them to fix it.

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