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Re: abiword-common conflicts

> And in terms of debian, you ARE using unstable, in which the version of
> abiword is -cvs. Which should have given you a clue too.

Um, Unstable (Sid) is just that, unstable. Since when did "unstable" mean
"unusable"? Minor broken behavior is normal in Unstable. Somthing that
is so broken that it can't be used at all and probably will remain in
this totally broken state for quite some time does NOT belong in ANY
release of debian.

Heck, you don't see development (2.5.X) releases of the Kernel in debian
or even pre-releases of the stable Linux 2.4.X kernel for that matter.

A package needs to be somewhat usable - beta quality. Not perfect, but
in a state that the developers feel that that it's ready for further
testing by a larger group. The CVS version of Abiword is NOT EVEN CLOSE
to beta. It's in heavy active development. To take a random snapshot of
the CVS tree and dump that into debian is just wrong. It's just not how
things are done. 

Imaging what Sid would be like if EVERY package was cvs versions? Would
anything even compile?

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