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Re: abiword-common conflicts

On Feb 27, Chipzz wrote:

> > > While Gnumeric is quite mature and stable, almost a drop-in
> > > replacement for M$ Excel, the current version of AbiWord in Sid is
> > > still heavily broken. [...]
> >
> > In addition, the version of Abiword in sid is no longer integrated with
> > GNOME. [...]
> But then again, I don't suppose you bothered to join #abiword on gimp-
> net and actually talk to the developers, otherwise you would have known
> that inclusion of eggtoolbar/menu, recent items and reintegration of
> gnome-print are planned as features for current abiword, as well as fix-
> ing of the bonobo control.

I'm glad to hear that.  I knew that some of those items were returning,
and was unsure about others.  However, like the post I was responding
to, I was obviously talking about bugs in THE VERSION OF ABIWORD IN SID,
not some future version where those bugs have been resolved.  The same
is true of OpenOffice.org, which will be more GNOME-integrated in the
future but now is largely not.

I know that the situation will improve.  I've contributed code to
Abiword in the past, and will probably do so in the future.  I also use
Abiword every time I need to read or print word processing documents.

Like I said, I was NOT criticizing Abiword development.  I was only
comparing the current usability of Abiword and OOo for Debian/GNOME
users, as that was the topic of the two prior messages in the thread.

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