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Re: abiword-common conflicts

On Feb 26, Johannes Rohr wrote:

> While Gnumeric is quite mature and stable, almost a drop-in
> replacement for M$ Excel, the current version of AbiWord in Sid is
> still heavily broken. It heavily violates the FHS (Binaries in
> /usr/share) and it is _very_ unstable, doesn't have Gnome compliant
> XML-documentation, the bonobo component is broken etc.

In addition, the version of Abiword in sid is no longer integrated with
GNOME.  Most GNOME integration has been dropped in the gtk2 Abiword.

This affects users in large ways (Abiword does not register filetypes
and so its files won't open from Nautilus) and small ways (Abiword
documents no longer appear in the gnome-panel "Recent Items" menu).

I don't mean to speak poorly of Abiword, but in terms of the Debian
GNOME desktop these are factors to keep in mind when comparing Abiword
to OpenOffice.org.

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