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Re: Workrave anyone?

On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 16:20, Stelios Bounanos wrote:
>  > Ugh - if that Workrave screenshot is recent, someone should file a bug
>  > that they aren't HIG compliant in the least, either.  I just tried, but
>  > I'm not going thru the effort of creating Yet Another Bugzilla Account
>  > for one little app I never use.  ;-)
> Workrave is not part of GNOME2, so I don't see why non-compliance to
> GNOME's HIG is a bug. Do you think authors of unrelated (but perhaps
> GNOME-aware) software should be pressured into doing gnome-type UIs
> Am I missing something here?

Yes - creating non-HIG compliant GNOME-based applications is just
silly.  It's really no more difficult either way, and one way gives you
a clean, consistant, easy to use UI, while the other gives you some
hacked up only-understood-by-you mess.  The HIG's purpose isn't to
declare what the GNOME desktop should act like, it's purpose is to
provide guidelines for applications authors to make good programs that
don't have crap UIs.  Personally, I'm sick of havin to spend inordinate
amount of time guessing what authors intended with their UI.  A solid
set of standards help this; authors actually *using* them makes life

This is probably the worst part of the HIG - it's not clearly designated
and evangelized to application authors until they try to get their app
into GNOME core.  I try to do my part by placing bugs on every app I see
that fails to do so, and so far, the authors all are quite happy to make
their app more user-friendly and sexy.  ;-)

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