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Re: Metacity behaviour

On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 06:25, Evan Martin wrote:

> Part of Metacity's design goals was to cut down on the proliferation of
> options found in most window managers.  No matter how many people you
> please, there will always be some who want more options, and you end up
> confusing everybody.  While patches to fix broken behavior are most
> likely welcome, don't be surprised if patches to add extra options are
> rejected.

I sure do miss the time when gnome and enlightenment were still good
friends. Gnome 1.4 + enlightenment 0.16 were a damn good desktop combo.

Is there still a windowmanager with most of E's functionality that works
with Gnome2? What particularly annoys me about metacity is that it don't
wanna remember sticky state etc...


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