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Re: Still no desktop icons with gnome 2.2.0 and nautilus

Op wo 12-02-2003, om 12:23 schreef Johannes Rohr:
> On Mit, Feb 12, 2003 at 12:15:03 +0100, Ronald van Engelen wrote:
> > > > > > I still have any working desktop icons on gnome 2.2.0 and nautilus
> > > > > > from Debian unstable.
> > > > > 
> > > > > Do you have gnome-icon-theme installed?
> > > > 
> > > > Yes: 
> > > > ii  gnome-icon-theme      1.0.0-1 
> > > 
> > > and did you try to change the icon theme using gnome-theme-manager?
> > 
> > Yes, see:
> > 
> > >         Tried editing gconf by hand, choosing other icon-themes,
> 	          ^      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> What do you mean by that? using gconftool-2 or editing the actual
> xml-files?
Sorry, I meant by using gconftool-2 -s.
> Sorry, maybe this was a stupid question.
no it wasn't ;)

>  But here you did _not_ mention
> using the gnome-theme-manager. What exactly happened when You tried to
> do so?  
When I use the (great) gnome-theme-manager, everything works as
expected, except for:
- I get a number of popups with 'file not found' errors
(xine|xscreensaver|network.xpm and gnome-hint|mozilla-mailnews.png)
- the .desktop files on the desktop and in the preferences:/// stay
unusable and get the default-document icon from the icon-theme I choose.

> Which gconf-Keys did you edit?
> The key is called /desktop/gnome/interface/icon_theme. Set it to
> "Default" or "gnome", or did you try exactly that before?
Exactly that. Currently is set to 'gnome'

I probably should mention the fact that last week I manually removed ALL
gnome and gtk related directories in /etc and /usr and ~/, then
'aptitude purge'd all gnome and gtk related packages and then
reinstalled them all. I did this because at that time, not only the
desktop icons didn't work, but all new gnome interface-related tools
stopped working. Now everything works fine except for the problems
mentioned above. I also should mention that after the reinstall of
mentioned above, I installed the following gdm from cvs to get the
graphical greeter to work:
ii  gdm          

As far as I can remember, I did not do other really stupid things (..)


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