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Re: Metacity behaviour

On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 19:16, Mika Fischer wrote:
> Hi, all!
> First of all I have to say that I normally use KDE (*duck*) but as the
> transition to gcc 3.2 is in progress ATM I thought I'd install gnome and
> try that for a while.
> So far I'm quite impressed :)
> A few things confuse me though, most of all the behaviour of metacity,
> which is as far as I understand the recommended windowmanager for Gnome
> 2.2.
> Firstly, newly created windows don't open where there is still space on
> the screen but always in the top-left region on top of other windows.
> Thats pretty annoying since the first thing you have to do ist to drag
> it away to see the old window again...

This oen kind of annoys me too; altho, I'd rather windows were always
centered.  I thought this used to be configurable, but don't see how to
change it now.  This is probably something that a good patch could fix,
when I get around to it... ;-)

> And secondly, in kwm clicking on the maximize-button with different
> mouse buttons results in "normal", horizontal and vertical maximizing
> respectively. I used this extensively in KDE and I kinda miss it :)

This I'm fairly sure isn't there, and I don't think it's configurable. 
Submitting a patch may get you the feature, but otherwise, I'd say it
sounds rather dubious.  Users attach a general "meaning" to mouse
buttons (left is action, right is context, middle is paste), and
changing the context of the mouse buttons depending on widget (window
border buttons).  It rather annoys me that so many GTK widgets react the
same to all the mouse buttons (for example, on a menu, you can right or
left click on it to activate it, unless you're talking about the panel
main menu, which has context-click for menu editing - totally broken,
all menues should either have a context menu, or not respond to
context-click - the current behaviour just helps to train users to
context-click when they mean activate).

> So, the question is, can I configure these things in metacity and if yes
> how?

Well, Vim and GCC is about the only ways you'll configure those settings
atm.  I hope to get the first one done, tho, it's my most hated
behaviour of Metacity.

> Thanks in advance,
>  Mika

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