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Metacity behaviour

Hi, all!

First of all I have to say that I normally use KDE (*duck*) but as the
transition to gcc 3.2 is in progress ATM I thought I'd install gnome and
try that for a while.

So far I'm quite impressed :)

A few things confuse me though, most of all the behaviour of metacity,
which is as far as I understand the recommended windowmanager for Gnome

Firstly, newly created windows don't open where there is still space on
the screen but always in the top-left region on top of other windows.
Thats pretty annoying since the first thing you have to do ist to drag
it away to see the old window again...

And secondly, in kwm clicking on the maximize-button with different
mouse buttons results in "normal", horizontal and vertical maximizing
respectively. I used this extensively in KDE and I kinda miss it :)

So, the question is, can I configure these things in metacity and if yes

Thanks in advance,

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