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Re: gnome-terminal problems

On Oct 31, Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:

> 1. Should there be gnome-terminal menu-item in the default gnome2
> menus? I can find gnome-terminal (and other terminals too) only from
> the Debian menus.. ?

It should appear under "System Tools" in the Applications menu.

> 2. Gnome-terminal breaks pastes. When I paste from gnome-terminal to
> another gnome-terminal, newlines disappear and the pasted text is
> broken.  This also happens if I paste from xterm to gnome-terminal.
> Pasting from xterm to xterm works fine!

I haven't seen this.  Does it happen when using middle-click paste, or
the Cut/Copy/Paste menu items, or both?

> 3. When I ssh to another box (running woody) from gnome-terminal and
> start screen, the line where cursor is behaves really oddly. For
> example the tab-completition (of bash) doesn't _display_ the completed
> names in the gnome-terminal, but the name is in reality completed..

Weird.  I haven't seen this either...

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