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Re: Missing keybindings in gnome2 ?

On Oct 31, Celine wrote:

> I've got some problem with the keybinding. I'd like to add new
> shortcuts, as I used to use with gnome1 but in the menu "keybinding",
> I've just 4 keybindings available only for the desktop.

If you are using sawfish as your window manager, use the sawfish items
in the "Advanced" submenu under "Desktop Preferences".

If you are using metacity, you should see metacity keybindings in the
GNOME 2 "Keyboard Shortcuts" preferences.  However, I think you may need
to let GNOME know that you are using metacity.  Try logging out and
choosing "save current setup" and then logging back in.  If that doesn't
work, try setting the WINDOW_MANAGER variable in your session

If you are using some other window manager, configure it in the usual

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